Registration and League Draft Assignments are now live, and invitations to register for the coming season have been emailed to primary and secondary mentors.  

  1. First, two adult mentors will register their team with FIRST at, whether you are a rookie or returning team. FIRST will ask for a $275 annual fee plus needs to ensure your two great adult mentors pass Youth Protection, which will need to be renewed every three years.
  2. After you have signed up for FIRST for the season and if you are new have connected with the Region at, you’ll be assigned a League and will get an email with directions on how to register for your Event Season. Up to 4 League Meets and 1 InterLeague Tournament will only cost you $300, for up to 25 match plays with a live audience! If you wish to be changed from your 1st assigned league, you will have the opportunity to request to be switched to a different league but only one time ahead of the first League Meet. Any registration questions can be sent to  You must be registered and paid in full by Oct. 1, 2018 to retain your League spot.

For more information on Registration, please follow this link.