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Pre-Season — May-September


  • Read Robot Tuesday each week
  • Sign Up for Kickoff: Sept. 10, 2016, Monrovia High School, Monrovia, CA (San Gabriel Valley)
    • 6-8 workshops with 500+ students
    • Game Reveal; workshops until noon
  • Sign up for Hybrid Play — see Robot Tuesday and this site on 9/27/16
  • Continue recruiting students and subject-area mentors (engineering, Java programming, CAD, PR, fundraising, etc.)
  • Continue fundraising and sharing your progress with your local community
  • Re-READ Game Manual Part One! —
  • Read Game Manual Part Two (released on Kickoff Day) —
  • Continue your Engineering Notebook
  • Strategize how you want to “play the game”
  • Weekly read the Game Forum for your game questions:
  • Brainstorm robot designs using your strategy


  • Build your robot using your chosen design
  • Find 1-2 local teams that are not rookies to visit and learn from
  • Spend a little time learning CAD (PTC, Inventor or SolidWorks).
  • Program your robot:
    • Autonomous: First 30 seconds of the match when the robot runs on programming only and no driver control
    • Tele-op: Final 2 minutes of the match when the 1-2 students are driving the robot
  • Test your robot design & programming: does it do what you want? If not, re-design and re-build.
  • Journal everything in your Engineering Notebook on a regular basis with different team members
  • Drive your robot – practice really helps
  • Scrimmages are great opportunities for teams to learn and work with other teams – watch Robot Tuesday for possible scrimmages
  • Fill out the Robot Reliability Checklist – is there anything you need to focus on?