The Sudden Passing of Noah DeVico, Brain Stormz

“Tragically, Noah DeVico died on October 13th from a skateboarding accident at 19 years old. Noah was a veteran of FIRST and a friend to many across the LA region. He was one of the founding members of FTC team 10298 Brain Stormz. Brain Stormz is known for their friendly competitiveness on and off the field along with their signature white and blue attire. You can always catch them staying fresh in their white sweatshirts. Throughout his many seasons with FIRST, Noah mentored numerous FLL teams because one of the most important things to Noah was spreading the love of robotics to all those around him. At competitions, you always knew that Noah and his team would be willing to help anyone who needed it. Everyone was a friend. The LAFTC region will always remember Noah for his compassion, dedication, and gracious professionalism.” – Amanda Sullivan, LAFTC Committee Member

Internship Workshop

Description: This workshop will focus on how you can get your dream internship. Many students hope to land a job at their dream company but don’t know how to get there? Questions such as how to interview, what questions to ask, and resume skills are all...