How you can volunteer NOW

The FIRST Tech Challenge is more than a school robotics program.  It is a community focused on building a better world for tomorrow by engaging high school students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

We need all sorts of volunteer help across our region:

  • Helping at our Events — League Meets, InterLeague Tournaments, and Regional Championship (November – February)
  • Working with our Teams in expert and non-expert roles (year-round)
  • Volunteers in our Regional Committee (year-round)


You can sign up to be an event volunteer by both emailing and signing up to be placed in an event at  We have around 50 events this season, ranging from mid-November through the end of February — and the schedule can be seen via links on the front of our web page.

Some events are half-day; others are full day.  Roles range from judge and referee, to queuing and helping with volunteer support and crowd control.  Some are technical; most are just energy and support for a great day of celebration and robotics.

For adults, you will need to go through Youth Protection screening, which may take 2-10 days.  Information on roles can be found at .

Working with our Teams: Across the Year and Season:

You can get directly involved with a team or program in your area:

  • Coach/Mentor a team — help get one started at a local middle or high school, or expand an existing program with additional support and resources
  • Be an engineering or programming mentor
  • Be a business, marketing, or financial mentor

Regional Committee Membership:

We always welcome involvement on the Regional level.  We have about a dozen adult volunteers who make the trains run on time and work with the various teams, schools, districts, and organizations.  Many of us are program alumni, mentors, and/or parents of program alumni.

Currently, the committee meets online via webconference every other Tuesday night at 7 pm.   Volunteers live all over our nine-county region.  Live meetings are 2-3x/year at various locations, as well as at our main events each year.  Some volunteers lead committees; others help with a variety of programs as time permits in their work and school schedules (for our college students and professors).

Current roles we are seeking to grow or amplify:

  • Logistics and operations
  • Registration and team management
  • Equipment support
  • School and district outreach/marketing
  • Mentor training
  • PR/Press relations
  • Secretary

Email if you are interested in getting your feet wet with us.