April 1, 2017

News and Updates

Leagues in Motion!

Come watch our great teams in action across Southern California — check out our leagues and schedule here.

Remember – No more pause after Autonomous

There has been a lot of information about the elimination of the pause between autonomous and driver-controlled periods.  If you’ve missed the video from FIRST on this change, check it out at this blog post and this video.

Connect Via Robot Tuesday, Facebook, and Twitter

We will post main updates here, but communicate extensively with our large community via the Robot Tuesday enewsletter, Facebook, and increasingly Twitter.  There also is a Facebook Mentor support group – please contact community@socalftc.com if you are a mentor to join us.

2017-18 Registration and Season

We are rolling with our current teams of 7th-12th graders in our current teams.  Would you like to add a team for the season in progress?  It could be possible — please email community@socalftc.com for help and guidance.  Or would you like to follow along and get ready to launch a new team next year?  Excellent!  Again, please email us to get in the loop and on our lists.

  • Regional Registration and Payment Deadline: Oct. 1, 2017
  • League Meets: November 2017-January 2018
  • InterLeague Tournaments: January-February 2018 (1 each for each team paid with the region for the season)
  • Regional Championship: February 24, 018 (48 teams, who advance from the top teams from our 6 ILTs)
  • West Super-Regional Championship, Tacoma, WA: March 2018 (est. 10 teams advance from the Regional Championship)
  • World Championships, Houston, TX: April 2018 (teams advance from the West Super-Regional or a Lottery)