SoCal FTC Championship – Monrovia (Saturday) – Awards and Advancements

Thank you ALL for a great event this past Saturday! It is wonderful to see such strong competition and mutual respect at the same time. We will be progressing 3 teams to FIRST FTC Worlds on April 20th (

For a full list of our Awards, please see the list below and check out our website:

Scores are uploaded on 

Advancement to World Championship on April 20-23, 2022
12525 Wolf Corp. Inc
6436 AlphaGenesis
14295 Operation T.A.C.
Inspire Award
Winner – 12525 Wolf Corp.
Second Place – 14295 Operation T.A.C.
Third Place – 11770 Curiosity
Winning Alliance Captain – 6436 AlphaGenesis
Winning Alliance 1st Team Selected – 14295 Operation T.A.C.
Winning Alliance 2nd Team Selected – 10298 Brain Stormz
Finalist Alliance Captain – 5921 La Canada Engineering Club
Finalist Alliance 1st Team Selected – 12525 Wolf Corp.
Finalist Alliance 2nd Team Selected – 15046 Incognito Robotics
Think Award
Winner – 11770 Curiosity
Second Place – 542 WHS Robotics
Third Place – 3526 Marlbots
Connect Award
Winner – 5218 Javabots
Second Place – 10298 Brain Stormz
Third Place – 8039 iBOTZ
Innovate Award sponsored by Raytheon Technologies
Winner – 12861 RoboHeroes
Second Place – 7767 Blueprints
Third Place – 7832 Gear Gurus
Control Award sponsored by Arm, Inc.
Winner – 6282 Simi Valley Robotics
Second Place – 15046 Incognito Robotics
Third Place – 4348 RoboKnights
Motivate Award
Winner – 7553 Team Loki
Second Place – 10298 Brain Stormz
Third Place – 12525 Wolf Corp.
Design Award
Winner – 14295 Operation T.A.C.
Second Place – 14531 The 2nd Rebellion
Third Place – 15091 aztec.exe
Promote Award
Winner – 542 WHS Robotics
Second Place – 5285 Robo Knights
Third Place – 12525 Wolf Corp.
Compass Award
Winner – Erin Rehard (14295)
Second Place – Andrew Whitman (11770)
Third Place – Lek and Scott Watkins (12525)
Judges’ Choice Award
Winner – 14863 GALA – Team RGB
Dean’s List Finalists
Lucia G.
Jade S. (14863)
Dylan C. (12861)
Katey N. (20191)
25921La Canada Engineering Club11173813642455
316321X Drive11063693372675
514295Operation T.A.C.10913044172675
912525Wolf Corp.9982204182655
114625Kings and Queens9442564022345
1314863GALA – Team RGB9152653762445
144628Suit Bots9003623202455
1519516The Huskyteers8853063591945
186282Simi Valley Robotics8362613452305
2014996Omega Squad8002673472155
2115046Incognito Robotics7982482642675
2210298Brain Stormz7782142752515
2314531The 2nd Rebellion7751793462255
2520191FVroboticsTEAM_Bread Pandas7552113171785
267832Gear Gurus7462263341895
2820799CyberDragons Petunia7233182792105
307553Team Loki6991863152325
326372Patriotic Robotics6692792382075
3413277STEAMpunks Bravo5022041891425
35542WHS Robotics4791051841425
365285Robo Knights4691402781435

To register and pay for the Championship, please click here.

Welcome Letter is here.

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Judging Times are here.

COVID Protocol is here.

  • Key dates are:

·      March 5, 2022 – Compass and Promote Submission due before midnight. To submit, click here.

·      March 10, 9pm – Engineering Portfolio, Control Award form, and Control Award video due date. To submit, go to link on your FIRST Dashboard.

Location: Monrovia High School 845 W Colorado Blvd Monrovia, CA 91016 (Google Map)