Rover Ruckus Kickoff 2018

Registration Link (1 per team): Eventbrite Link to Register

  • NOTE #1: In Monrovia, some workshop spaces will be tight with only room for 30 and each will be run 2x.  Most workshop sessions will be capped at 1 space per team per session until we see if we have additional room.  “First Come, First Served.”
  • NOTE #2: We will only take 1 Registration per team, and will cancel any second reservation for the same team, as we have in the past. If you have more than 1 team, please register separately by team number.
Price: Free, with possible food for purchase. Join us at a free Kickoff event on Saturday, Sept. 8, at one of two locations:
  • Heritage High School, 26001 Briggs Rd, Romoland 92585  (Inland Empire)
  • Monrovia High School, 845 W Colorado Blvd, Monrovia, CA 91016 (San Gabriel Valley) — reached via the 210 Freeway from the Huntington Dr. or Myrtle Ave. exits.
Heritage Schedule Tentative schedule:
  • 7:45- 8:15 AM Breakfast
  • 8:30 – 9:00 AM Game Announcement
  • 9:00-10:00 AM Hands On
  • 10 – 12:00 NOON Strategy planning/possible workshop
Teams who register will get additional information sent to them about breakfast and other details. Monrovia Schedule (Main Kickoff)
  • 7:30 AM Teams to arrive no earlier than 7:30 am
  • 8:00 AM Sign In by Team — Courtyard
  • 8:30 AM Begin Presentation/ Game Reveal — Main Auditorium
  • 9:00 AM First Look at Fields — Auditorium and Outdoors
  • 9:15 AM -10 AM First Workshop Sessions — Auditorium, Room 210, and Science Building
  • 10:15 AM – 11 AM Second Workshop Sessions — Auditorium, Room 210, and Science Building
Monrovia Workshops  We anticipate 60 teams again this year and more than 600 people.  During each Workshop Series, we will have one session in the Auditorium, 1 in Room 210 (large), and 7 in smaller rooms (30 max).  We offer to each registered team 1 spots in each 30-seat small room, with additional seats to be offered on a will-call basis, space permitting.  We will move one of the sessions into the larger room based on registrations. The Auditorium will have space for everyone during each session. Please bring a copies of your Eventbrite registration for your workshop seat. We plan on recording the most popular sessions after the event to share, though do not plan to record these sessions directly. Please see and below for more workshop details.  
Workshop Leader Experience
1A/B: Engineering Design/ Process From Game to Robot Fletcher Porter UCSB Engineering Student; Alumnus, Suit Bots 4628
2A/B: Mentor (What to do, Lead team as a mentor) Brian Johnson Monrovia HS Mentor, MBA, CFO, Kings & Queens 4625
3A/B: Blocks Programming (Easy Rookie Way, Scratch) Stephanie Ramirez Student, Veteran FTC 3+ Years, Current Member of Brainstormz 10298
4A/B: Android Studio Programming (Java) Nathan Choi Student, Captain of Brainstormz 10298, Veteran FIRST 3+
5A/B: Engineering Notebook (What to include, Format) Cindy Chung Regional Committee, Regional Judge for LAFTC 5+ Years
6A/B: How to Win Judged Awards (Tips and tricks to win each award and convince the judges to support your team.) Corey Porter/ Olivia Smalley Regional Committee Members: LAFTC Judge Advisor, FTC Worlds judge,Data Scientist, Ticketmaster ; College Student and Alumna 8496
7A/B: Inclusion (Team Communication, Diversity, Dealing with Conflict) Amanda Sulllivan Regional Committee, FLL Robotics Mentor, Alumna Kings & Queens 4625
8A/B: Business Plan/ Outreach (Fundraising, Planning Events, Writing Grants) Gigi Johnson UCLA Faculty; MBA; Co-Affiliate Partner for LAFTC
9A/B: Beyond FIRST (What can you use in the real world, entering the workforce) Ellen McIsaac Aerospace Engineer, Lockheed Martin; Regional Head Ref; Former FRC Volunteer Coordinator
10A/B: Writing Better Java for Your Robot (some experience required) Nuri Halperin FTC mentor for RoboVikings 9887, Software development professional, geek.