ILT Pairing Rules

  • Leagues that provide a host location play in that location.
  • No league may play against the same league within a four year window. (e.g., if league A1 played league A2 in 2017, they won’t play them again until, at the earliest, 2021.)
  • No ILT may be so big that it can’t finish on time. The rules we use to determine this are as follows (and work out to a 38 team maximum at any individual ILT)
    • 5 matches per team
    • 5 minute start-to-start match times
    • Qualifying matches start at 10:30
    • One hour lunch break
    • Qualifying matches end at 3:30

Within those rules, all possible combinations are considered to determine the ILT pairings that will minimize driving distance for the region as a whole. The software we use to calculate ILT pairings is available on GitHub. Each season’s code will be tagged after pairings are generated.