League Assignments

Los Angeles and San Diego: We have two regions in Southern California, and both are playing League Play across the fall and winter vs. single events.  Both SoCal/Greater LA (this site) and San Diego (SD County) are “closed” regions, due to space constraints, and are just registering teams in their own regions this year.  You can reach the San Diego county region at this link; SoCal/Greater LA information is below and across this website. League Structure: We are getting ready for our third season with Leagues across Southern California.  Mentors of teams of 2-15 7th-12th graders first register with FIRST and pay a $275 annual fee at firstinspires.org, and then connect with us via community@socalftc.com to register for a league and pay their $300 Season Fee, which covers 4 League Meets and one InterLeague Tournament (ILT)  per team.  Teams  must stay in the same League all season, and can’t swap mid-season.  Teams can request a single change before the season begins, which will depend on if there is room and other factors. League Details:  We are still finalizing details on Leagues and InterLeague Tournaments.  Check out the spreadsheet below for up-to-date League assignments, League schedules, and ILT schedules.  All events are open to the public and free to attend.  You may want to bring your own safety glasses and closed-toed shoes to even come into the pits! Registration: Mentors will receive emails inviting them to registration for the season — watch your email! League Scores: https://ftcscores.com Questions?  Email us at community@socalftc.com. ]]>