Qualifier 2

Qualifying Tournament 2 – Heritage (Saturday 2/5/2022) – Awards and Advancements

Thank you ALL for a great in-person event this past Saturday! It’s been 2 years since we’ve been together, and it was great to see all of the robots and teams in person! I also appreciate that everyone followed our COVID rules (ID cards and masks indoors) while still having a good time.

For a full list of our Awards, please see the list below and check out our website: http://www.firsttechsocal.org/

Scores are uploaded on https://ftc-events.firstinspires.org/ 

Advancement to SoCal FTC State Championship on March 12, 2022
14295 Operation T.A.C.
10298 Brain Stormz
6372 Patriotic Robotics
7832 Gear Gurus
14531 The 2nd Rebellion
14996 Omega Squad
Inspire Award Winner – 14295 Operation T.A.C.
Second Place – 10298 Brain Stormz
Third Place – 6372 Patriotic Robotics
Winning Alliance Captain – 14295 Operation T.A.C.
Winning Alliance 1st Team Selected – 10298 Brain Stormz
Winning Alliance 2nd Team Selected – 7832 Gear Gurus
Finalist Alliance Captain – 6372 Patriotic Robotics
Finalist Alliance 1st Team Selected – 14996 Omega Squad
Finalist Alliance 2nd Team Selected – 11333 Samurai 
Think Award Winner – 14531 The 2nd Rebellion
Second Place – 5011 Bot Squad 5011
Third Place – 12765 Phoenix
Connect Award Winner – 10298 Brain Stormz
Second Place – 14295 Operation T.A.C.
Third Place – 12765 Phoenix
Innovate Award sponsored by Raytheon Technologies Winner – 17600 MoVal Robotics
Second Place – 14531 The 2nd Rebellion
Third Place – 14996 Omega Squad
Control Award sponsored by Arm, Inc. Winner – 6372 Patriotic Robotics
Second Place – 14996 Omega Squad
Third Place – 7832 Gear Gurus
Motivate Award Winner – 5011 Bot Squad 5011
Second Place – 12765 Phoenix
Third Place – 10298 Brain Stormz
Design Award Winner – 14996 Omega Squad
Second Place – 14295 Operation T.A.C.
Third Place – 10298 Brain Stormz 
Promote Award Winner – 6372 Patriotic Robotics
Second Place – 17600 MoVal Robotics
Third Place – 12765 Phoenix
Compass Award Winner – Jacob MacPherson, 6371 Machine Kings
Second Place – Stacey MacPherson, 7832 Gear Gurus
Third Place – Richard MacPherson, 17600 MoVal Robotics
Judges’ Choice Award Winner – 11336 Red Snow Robotics
Dean’s List Semi-Finalists
Harris S., 14531 The 2nd Rebellion
Maribel C., 16400 Rising Phoenix 
Lucia G., 17600 MoVal Robotics
114295Operation T.A.C.10233243082475
26372Patriotic Robotics8202163942205
317600MoVal Robotics7942553012475
414996Omega Squad7872872582285
611336Red Snow Robotics7142402781815
714531The 2nd Rebellion6952233201915
810298Brain Stormz6841983062015
1019684Robot Mafia6051763051635
1216401The Krakens5571562071435
1311335Delta Tech5552102102145
147832Gear Gurus5511162111575
166371Machine Kings5011242471255
1716400Rising Phoenix4921622181475
187834Drastic Measures4901042901225
1920095Jolly Irises4691351801435
205011Bot Squad 50114581162661475
2211334Alpha Tech380981881005

Welcome Letter is here.

Volunteer Letter is here

Judging Times are here.

COVID Protocol is here.

  • Key dates are:

·      January 29, 2022 – Compass and Promote Submission due before midnight. To submit, click here.

·      February 4, 9pm – Engineering Portfolio, Control Award form, and Control Award video due date. To submit, go to link on your FIRST Dashboard.

Location: Heritage High School 26001 Briggs Rd. Romoland, CA 92585 (Google Map)