Weekly Workshops

Below is the list of our weekly workshops which take place on either Saturday or Sunday from 1-2 PM PST via Discord. To watch the workshop videos, go to the LAFTC YouTube channel here.

(9-26-2020) Advanced CAD Workshop: Solid Works

Description: This workshop focuses on building a crank slider with a two-linkage system. Although this may be an unfamiliar component to you, it is commonly analyzed in a traditional college-level Dynamics course. The basis of this component is to demonstrate how rotational motion can be converted into translational motion. Some new features introduced into this workshop include the following: Revolved Boss/Base, Circular Pattern, Relations, and Advanced Mates.

Background: Richard recently completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at UC Riverside and will be pursuing a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at UCLA this upcoming fall. He is an alumnus from FTC Team 542: WHS Robotics, and continues to volunteer and mentor his former team. He has passed the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) Exam, and has demonstrated his expertise of CAD on a multitude of projects. He aspires to become a Research and Development (R&D) Engineer for either a biotech/robotics company or national laboratory.

(10-3-2020) Mechanical Design Process

Description: This workshop will breakdown the process of design and integration. We will discuss the importance of prototyping along with effective strategies that will be applicable to FTC. More importantly, we will review the engineering design process: discussing the good and bad parts (stuff you shouldn’t do) while designing. Towards the end of the workshop, we will discuss potential design tips that could be helpful for your robot. 

Background: Kenneth is a current UC San Diego student majoring in Aerospace Engineering. His history with FIRST spawns over nine years and is an alumnus of FRC 5857: Walnut Valley Robotics. He is a mentor for several FTC and FRC teams around the world and created an FLL Program in Ghana. Kenneth is extremely passionate about design and prototyping and has worked on creating over 25+ Robots. In his free time, he loves studying Aerodynamics and Aerospace Structures and hopes to join the Aerospace Industry.

(10-11-2020) GitHub and Version Control Software

Description: This workshop will focus on how to use version control software to manage your team’s code. We will go over what GitHub is, and how to use it effectively and efficiently for robotics.

Background: 542 WHS Robotics is a FTC team at Whitney High School. This year will be around our 14th year in First Tech Challenge. We won the control award at regionals last year, and we’ve been using git for 4 years. We’re excited to teach about GitHub and version control software in general! 

(10-17-2020) Judging Presentations

Description: This workshop will focus on how to create a judging routine that highlights the best part of your team. Judging interviews are very short compared to how much information you want to tell the judges and it can be hard to figure out what to say in the moment. Every judging interview is different and the most important skill to learn is to be flexible and adaptable. There will also be sample questions that a judge might ask so you can practice how to interpret and answer the question.

Background: Amanda has been a judge for the last 3 years in FTC and is one of the founders of FTC Team 4625 The Kings & Queens. She has judged at ILT tournaments, Super Regionals, and The World Championship in Houston. Judging has always been her favorite part of FTC because that is where you really get to know the teams. Back when she was a student, judging seemed like the scariest thing in the world but also the most exciting.

Future Workshops:

(10-24-2020) Team Chat/ Discussion – All Teams

(11-11-2020) Scoring an Internship – Ellen McIsaac

(11-14-2020) Ask the Committee Frequently Asked Questions