Are you interested in joining the LA FIRST Technical Challenge board?

The purpose of the board is to guide LA FTC strategically, interface with the national FIRST organization and other regions, as well as provide general business oversight for the organization.  The board does not plan the week-to-week efforts of the leagues nor run events; we have our outstanding team of volunteers who deliver a great competition experience every year.  The board does look out over a longer horizon and help the organization achieve strategic goals such as growth, improved community relations, financial stability, etc. 

At this time we are seeking to grow the board, in part with people who have personal experience with FTC. Having the perspective of current game participants (parents and/or mentors) is important to us. If you are interested in rolling up your sleeves for a year or two (or more) and helping LA FTC realize its full potential, then please consider joining the board.

In addition to seeking board members who are familiar with the current operation of the region, we may seek board members with particular skill sets who can apply those skills to help the organization.  For example, someone with significant social media experience might help us improve our social media footprint, or someone with deep knowledge of a particular part of our region might help us grow in that area.  This does not mean you have to do it yourself!  A key for any board member is a willingness to lead – to define a set of goals and help us get there.

Being on the board is not a huge time commitment, and it is very rewarding – you have a unique opportunity to enhance the region, and through that impact the lives of thousands of kids! The term of office is one year, though annual renewals are common.

To be on the board you must:

  • Commit to attending 4-6 board meetings annually, each usually around two hours long and usually by phone, though occasionally in person.
  • Conduct an interview with current members of the board, at which we will discuss your vision of how you can contribute.
  • Follow through on your particular leadership assignment as defined at board meetings.

A commitment to making a donation or personal fundraising is not a requirement of the position.

If you are interested in joining the LA FTC board, please contact us at