The Kickoff livestream and workshop videos can now be watched on our YouTube channel

Even though the Kickoff is over, we still want you to join our Discord Server (if you haven’t already joined our LAFTC Discord Server) It is a great resource to connect and collaborate with other teams, ask questions, gain knowledge, and figure out the latest news. Discord is the easiest way to connect with the LAFTC community.

Each week, we will be hosting a workshop focusing on different aspects of FIRST. We will post region specific news updates about our weekly workshops. The sessions will be hosted over zoom and YouTube live. A YouTube link will be posted on Discord and Facebook. Videos will be posted to our YouTube channel if you cannot attend.

Here is the Discord workshop information for this week:

9/26 (Sat 1-2pm PST) Advanced CAD (Solid Works) – Richard Yeong

Meeting ID: 923 0936 0818

Description: This workshop focuses on building a crank slider with a two-linkage system. Although this may be an unfamiliar component to you, it is commonly analyzed in a traditional college-level Dynamics course. The basis of this component is to demonstrate how rotational motion can be converted into translational motion. Some new features introduced into this workshop include the following: Revolved Boss/Base, Circular Pattern, Relations, and Advanced Mates.

Bio: Richard recently completed his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at UC Riverside and will be pursuing a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at UCLA this upcoming fall. He is an alumnus from FTC Team 542: WHS Robotics, and continues to volunteer and mentor his former team. He has passed the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) Exam, and has demonstrated his expertise of CAD on a multitude of projects. He aspires to become a Research and Development (R&D) Engineer for either a biotech/robotics company or national laboratory.

Future Discord Workshops:

10/3 (Sat 1-2pm PST) Mechanical Design Process – Kenneth Wah

10/11 (Sun 1-2pm PST) Git Version Control Software Programming – FTC Team 542 WHS

10/17 (Sat TBD PST) How to Utilize GIT/Github – Craig (FTC Software Developer)