LA FTC Teams,

Congratulations to our 10 teams who competed remotely in our first Scrimmage! We know this was a challenge for teams to be even close to ready, so an extra high five to the teams for competing even though I’m sure they could have used more time. Look at the scores below – you can see teams are learning along the way with the big swings in points from match to match. What a great way to get prepared for the Qualifying Tournament! A shout out to our top 3 teams for the practice: 

  •  5828 E.M.P. Chaos – 514 ranking points
  • 13046 Riptide Robotics – 358 ranking points
  • 14295 Operation T.A.C. – 264 ranking points

While you don’t have to post a video – some of our teams did – and what a great idea! Other teams across the USA were watching the videos and giving some advice (i.e. – ‘That looks like a penalty.’). How perfect is this? Other teams point out what you can do differently and since the scores don’t count in Scrimmages, no harm no foul! Correct it for the next Scrimmage!

Our next Scrimmage is December 14th – 20th. Should your team sign up? ABSOLUTELY! What a great way to iron out the kinks – even if your robot isn’t perfect, these points don’t count, so what is the harm? Can you sign up for all the Scrimmages – YES! Is there a maximum number of teams allowed in a Scrimmage? NO – we can handle everyone since we are remote!  All you need to do is pay your FIRST fee ($275.00) and your LAFTC fee ($50.00) and register at the link here for the Scrimmages and you’ll be given access. 

Below are the ranking points and match scores for the teams who competed in Scrimmage #1. Detailed event information can be found here.

Team #Team NameRPM1  M2M3M4M5M6
5828E.M.P. Chaos514798484969675
13046Riptide Robotics358555555596767
14295Operation T.A.C.264515714553453
10298Brain Stormz245231141588131
6282Simi Valley Robotics9920265112710
5197Gear Heads3505100200

Theresa Klemme and Patrick Brophy

FIRST Robotics FTC Program Delivery Partners for Los Angeles