Congratulations to the 9 teams who were able to compete in Scrimmage #2! Extra high five’s to: 1st place The 2nd Rebellion, 2nd place E.M.P. Chaos and 3rd place Riptide Robotics! We know there were teams who competed with partial robots, but since the points don’t count, there is nothing to lose. The Scrimmages provide teams with motivation for progress, practice for competitions, and experience with the Scoring System. If any team needs help with the Scoring System, please email us at Here are the ranking points and match scores for the teams who competed in Scrimmage #2:

Team #Team NameRPM1  M2M3M4M5M6
14531The 2nd Rebellion543125131775311047
5828E.M.P. Chaos393775259655981
13046Riptide Robotics369556467596361
13277STEAMpunks Bravo118252413182711
9247Chromium Robotics9015101551530
25Rock N’ Roll Robots6660202020
14295Operation T.A.C.15550005