Congratulations to our 20 teams who competed remotely in Scrimmage #3! That is double the number of teams we had for the previous Scrimmage! And look at those scores! A big high five to The 2nd Rebellion for achieving the high score of 237 points! A special shout out to our top 3 teams for the practice: 

  • 18253 Beach Bots – 1106 ranking points
  • 6436 AlphaGenesis – 1088 ranking points
  • 14531 The 2nd Rebellion – 961 ranking points

Please let us know if you have a robot performance video and want it posted on our website and social media. Many teams would be encouraged to see it!

Our next Scrimmage is February 15 – 21. We strongly encourage teams to participate, especially to gain experience using the scoring system. All you need to do is pay your FIRST fee ($275.00) and your LAFTC fee ($50.00) and register at the link here for the Scrimmages and you’ll be given access. 

Below are the ranking points and match scores for the 20 teams who competed in Scrimmage #3. Congratulations, teams! Way to go in all the progress you are making this season! Detailed event information can be found here.

Team #Team NameRPM1  M2M3M4M5M6
18253Beach Bots1106166167200195223155
14531The 2nd Rebellion96120743193237127154
12525Wolf Corp. FTC910158160101158146187
18818Souper Crew873134125107210153144
10298Brain Stormz47889158510283104
9220Rancho Rebel Robotics477868974827670
13046Riptide Robotics392677167636361
13303Ad Hoc Bots358686562625447
6282Simi Valley Robotics290524459215163
16406Challenger Cubed28666565764034
5828E.M.P. Chaos260544042444832
25Rock N’ Roll Robots230373937433737
542WHS Robotics1402525404055
9247Chromium Robotics112241518103015
9881Golden Gears1055