Congratulations to our 23 teams who competed remotely in the Qualifying Tournament #3! We’re impressed with the creativity and resourcefulness of each of you as you figured out how to design, build and complete with limited interaction with your teammates!  This year really shows that necessity is the mother of invention and hats off to you for doing your best to compete. The awards, robot performance scores, and advancements are listed below. Congratulations!

Qualifying Tournament #3 Awards

AwardsQT #3 (March 27, 2021)
Inspire Winner3526 Marlbots
Inspire 2nd Place12525 Wolf Corp.
Inspire 3rd Place8039 iBOTZ
Rank 15921 La Canada Engineering Club
Rank 28039 iBOTZ
Rank 312525 Wolf Corp.
Rank 412675 Hermit Social Club
Rank 518819 T-Bird TECH
Rank 613171 Polyisoprene Mallards
Think Award Winner6282 Simi Valley Robotics
Think 2nd Place8039 iBOTZ
Think 3rd Place3526 Marlbots
Connect Award Winner12525 Wolf Corp.
Connect 2nd Place12675 Hermit Social Club
Connect 3rd Place3526 Marlbots
Collins Aerospace Innovate Winner18354 CyberToad
Collins Innovate 2nd Place13171 Polyisoprene Mallards
Collins Innovate 3rd Place18395 Sojourner1
Control Award Winner8039 iBOTZ
Control Award 2nd Place12525 Wolf Corp.
Control Award 3rd Place3526 Marlbots
Motivate Winner5828 E.M.P. Chaos
Motivate 2nd Place8039 iBOTZ
Motivate 3rd Place7553 Team Loki
PTC Design Award Winner15157 IFC
PTC Design Award 2nd Place3526 Marlbots
PTC Design Award 3rd Place12675 Hermit Social Club
Promote Video Winner12525 Wolf Corp.
Promote Award 2nd Place8564 Lockdown
Promote Award 3rd Place12675 Hermit Social Club
Compass Video Winner3526 Dr. Hamill
Compass Video 2nd Place8564 Donald Localio
Judges’ Award Winner6371 Machine Kings
Judges’ Award 2nd Place12997 Cosmos
Judges’ Award 3rd Place18819 T-Bird TECH

QT #3 Robot Performance Scores

RankTeam #Team NameRPM1  M2M3M4M5M6
15921La Canada Engineering Club1485240264222252249258
312525Wolf Corp.1343255161232216259220
412675Hermit Social Club1002127143160178198196
518819T-Bird TECH927156141163165116186
613171Polyisoprene Mallards919102142166119211179
718818Souper Crew890148148156151139148
816406Challenger Cubed75514214931147149137
96282Simi Valley Robotics735101131128113146116
155828E.M.P. Chaos621125854438163166
177553Team Loki450757575757575
1818078Cypress Robotitans349285924729274
206371Machine Kings204383329294035
227832Gear Gurus178213131313133

The YouTube link for the QT #3 Award Ceremony can be viewed on our LAFTC YouTube Channel here!

QT #3 Deans List Semi-Finalists

Student’s NameTeam NumberTeam Name
Victor358The Gaulbots
Zubin5828E.M.P. Chaos
Maya5828E.M.P. Chaos
Glory12525Wolf Corp.
Daniel12525Wolf Corp.
Andrew12675Hermit Social Club
Cayden12675Hermit Social Club

QT #3 Teams advancing to the Los Angeles Championship on April 24

NumberAdvancement CriteriaTeam #Team Name# Advanced
1Inspire Award Winner3526Marlbots1
2Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced5921La Canada Engineering Club2
3Inspire Award 2nd place12525Wolf Corp.3
4Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced8039iBOTZ4
5Inspire Award 3rd place8039 – Advancing AboveiBOTZ4
6Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced12675Hermit Social Club5
7Think Award Winner6282Simi Valley Robotics6
8Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced18819T-Bird TECH7
9Connect Award Winner12525 – Advancing AboveWolf Corp.7
10Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced13171Polyisoprene Mallards8
11Collins Aerospace Innovate Award Winner18354CyberToad9
12Highest Ranked Team not previously advanced18818Souper Crew10
13Control Award sponsored by Arm, Inc. Winner8039 – Advancing AboveiBOTZ10
14Motivate Award Winner5828E.M.P. Chaos11
15Design Award Winner15157IFC12

Detailed event information for QT #3 can be found here.

Theresa Klemme and Patrick Brophy

FIRST Robotics FTC Event Coordinators and Co-Affiliate Partners for Los Angeles