Qualifying Tournament 5 – Monrovia (Saturday) – Awards and Advancements

Thank you ALL for a great in-person event this past Saturday! It was great to see all of the robots and teams in person! I also appreciate that everyone followed our COVID rules (ID cards and masks indoors) while still having a good time.

For a full list of our Awards, please see the list below and check out our website: http://www.firsttechsocal.org/

Scores are uploaded on https://ftc-events.firstinspires.org/ 

Advancement to SoCal FTC State Championship on March 12, 2022
6282 Simi Valley Robotics
8624 Spectrum
4628 Suit Bots
7767 Blueprints
7553 Team Loki
4625 Kings and Queens
Inspire Award Winner – 6282 Simi Valley Robotics
Second Place – 4628 Suit Bots
Third Place – 7553 Team Loki
Winning Alliance Captain – 8624 Spectrum
Winning Alliance 1st Team Selected – 7767 Blueprints
Winning Alliance 2nd Team Selected – 4628 Suit Bots
Finalist Alliance Captain – 4625 Kings and Queens
Finalist Alliance 1st Team Selected – 6282 Simi Valley Robotics
Finalist Alliance 2nd Team Selected – 9881 Golden Gears
Think Award Winner – 4628 Suit Bots
Second Place – 7767 Blueprints
Third Place – 11380 Golden Path
Connect Award Winner – 7553 Team Loki
Second Place – 4628 Suit Bots
Third Place – 6282 Simi Valley Robotics
Innovate Award sponsored by Raytheon Technologies Winner – 7767 Blueprints
Second Place – 9881 Golden Gears
Third Place – 13125 BWS Eagles v1.0
Control Award sponsored by Arm, Inc. Winner – 4625 Kings and Queens
Second Place – 6282 Simi Valley Robotics
Third Place – 7767 Blueprints
Motivate Award Winner – 4153 Team Reboot
Second Place – 7553 Team Loki
Third Place – 6282 Simi Valley Robotics
Design Award Winner – 11380 Golden Path
Second Place – 4625 Kings and Queens
Third Place – 4628 Suit Bots
Judges’ Choice Award Winner – 8624 Spectrum
Second Place – 16179 RookieTech
14625Kings and Queens7322183181775
36282Simi Valley Robotics6752032581775
511546BWS Eagles v2.06271442601485
77553Team Loki5631163101235
820121Cougar Robotics5571352981585
99324BWS Eagles v3.05552002611315
109881Golden Gears511833341245
1120406BWS Eagles v4.05081882261385
1211380Golden Path5071941621525
1620319BWS Eaglets v1.14721551941485
174628Suit Bots4631902071315
1820320BWS Eaglets v1.24461142101385
194947Cougarobotics Alpha4411042201295
2013125BWS Eagles v1.0427992341315
214153Team Reboot33298216855