SoCal FTC Teams, please give a big cheer for our own local team, Wolf Corp Robotics FTC#12525 who won the Inspire Award Finalist at FIRST Worlds Championship in Houston this past month!  This team was our local Inspire Award Winner for the SoCal Championships, and it’s so great to see the team perform well at Worlds. The competition was quite challenging, with 160 teams from across the United States and 17 countries participating, and Wolf Corp not only performed well with the judges but also did a great job on the competition field and ranked #9 in Franklin Division and #23 in the World!

When asked about the experience, the team mentor replied: “Our team fought very hard. They were interviewed by 15 sets of different judges before the determination. The process to find the Inspire Award Finalist was tough. Our team had judges visit our booth to interview us from 7 am to 6 pm. We believed that we were interviewed for every award and were overwhelmed by the attention. Our Wolves handled it very well and proudly represented SoCal Regional.”

The team members are: Daniel, Glory, Kawin, Nathan, Gordon, Jason, Kevin, Joshua, Zhenkai, Ethan, Sarah, Jalen, and Harry. The mentors are: Scott and Lek Watkins.  Congratulations, Wolf Corp!!! We are proud of you!!!