Qualifier Tournament #1: Fountain Valley 1/30/2022 Details

Hello teams in QT #1 (January 30, 2022 in Fountain Valley) – please see the below details for your event:

  • Team Roster is here.
  • Team Welcome Letter is here.
  • Volunteer Letter is here
  • COVID Protocols are here
  • Key dates are:

·       January 22, 2022 – Pre-Assigned Inspections & Judging times are here.

·      January 23, 2022 – Compass and Promote Submission due before midnight. To submit, click here.

·       January 28, 9pm – Engineering Portfolio, Control Award form, and Control Award video due date. To submit, go to link on your FIRST Dashboard.

Joining the LA FTC Board

Are you interested in joining the LA FIRST Technical Challenge board? The purpose of the board is to guide LA FTC strategically, interface with the national FIRST organization and other regions, as well as provide general business oversight for the organization. ...