Leagues List, Scrimmage Scoring, Websites, & Training

1. Our Region Teams

There are 83 teams who have registered with FIRST and 32 teams that have completed registration so far to play FTC this year in our region. We know many teams won’t be able to register until January – so don’t worry! We have scrimmages in January and February, too, and Qualifying Tournaments are pushed to March. If you want to see who is registered, check the http://www.firsttechsocal.org/ website under the Leagues List tab:  Leagues List

2. Scrimmage #1 – November 16-22

We are planning the first official scrimmage in November. A scrimmage is 6 opportunities to upload your scores, and at the end of the time window, LAFTC will post the scores so you can see how you did compared to others. There is no judging at a scrimmage. If you are interested in participating, there will be instructions on how to do that on the LAFTC website in early November. You need to complete registration payment with both FIRST and LAFTC in order to participate in an official LAFTC scrimmage.

3. Remote Play – How to Upload Scores Using Remote Event Hub

LAFTC will be remote. Before your first scrimmage or Qualifier, start now in getting used to the process of uploading scores. Go to FIRST Website >FIRST Tech Challenge>Game and Season> Game Materials> Remote Team Resources > Remote Event Scoring video to watch how to submit scores. The team guide is also posted here: FTC Scoring – Team Guide

4. FIRST Sites for Q+A

Make sure to connect to the FTC Forums for the latest information on game questions, control hub, teams helping teams forum, and other great chat groups. https://ftcforum.firstinspires.org/. There is also a blog location here: http://firsttechchallenge.blogspot.com/. New this season are four resources to assist coaches/mentors and teams: Coach’s Playbook, Blocks_Autonomous Mode, Team Roles and Responsibilities, and a Pre-Match Checklist located on the FIRST Website under game and materials: ULTIMATE GOAL Presented By Qualcomm Game & Season Materials

5. LAFTC Weekly Trainings

We have been hosting special training topics for teams over Discord. Please check our website http://www.firsttechsocal.org/weekly-workshops/ for the topic list. There are some great learning sessions like Mechanical Design, GitHub, CAD and Judging. More topics are coming! To watch the workshop videos, go to the LAFTC YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/Socalftc/videos