Qualifying Tournaments

Teams – We have over 130 teams registered for a Qualifier (QT). As you can appreciate, we have over 150 teams and not everyone could get their first or even second choice for locations. The Committee did our best to give you a spot that works according to your specified preferences. If the date you were given is a hardship, you can play Remote. (The Remote QT will have all of the judging, pit interviews, awards, Award Ceremony and advancements as a traditional QT, but it will just be over zoom and we won’t do alliance selection). If you have not signed up for a QT and want to play, please register here and we will place you in the Remote session on February 12th. 

QT #1              QT #2              QT #3              QT #4              QT #5              QT #6

Important: Each team is asked to provide 2 volunteers for their in-person QT.  The QT event takes 60-75 people to work and we can only be successful with your help. The best way to volunteer is for the job you held at the League event (so no additional training is required). There are more positions needing to be filled at a QT than at a League Meet. For instance, a QT has the additional needs of a Querer, Pit Manager, Emcee, Game Announcer, Judge Runners, Pit Runners, etc. Many of these positions require no training or can be quickly learned – so start thinking about how you will contribute. We could use about 15-20 people to help on Saturday night setting up or Sunday night break down – this counts as your contribution.